two good friends of mine, in two years, have committed suicide.  the first one was an ex boyfriend.  he blew his head off with a gun, while his autistic child was upstairs unattended.  that one i didn’t feel too good about.  the second was a homeopathy colleague who had MS.  he planned it and told me about it well in advance.  he also had the courtesy to come visit me in a dream some time afterwards, to reassure me.  i feel completely differently about this suicide.

i dont seem to have much more to say about it right now.  i have a lot of feelings and thoughts but i’m hoping someone else will say something about suicide.  basically anything.

Eating Habits

Yesterday, my friend Joy posted the following on facebook: ” Nothing like a 10 day cold to get your healthy eating habits re-established.”  Reading that was like a déjà vu and inspired me to make this post.

My first thought when I read Joy’s facebook entry was “right on!”  My second thought was a question to myself.  Why do I wait until I’m forced by one of my kid’s being sick or my own ailing body into a “super” healthy diet?

On Monday night this week, I attended a meeting between alternative health care practitioners and a local politician who was quoted in a local paper for his views opposing acupuncture.  The organizer had called this meeting in hope that an enlightening discussion would ensue between what seemed to be parties with opposing points of view.  The meeting topic was healthcare and despite a plea from the organizer not to discuss insurance, it was clear that it was impossible to talk about healthcare without talking about insurance.

I was struck by the different views of health between the audience (mostly alternative health care practitioners) and the guest speaker (the politician immersed in the current health care legislation discussion).

I don’t really want to address the topic of healthcare which has polarized the masses and government.  What I would like to do, is highlight some thoughts and ideas that have survived the week despite all the other brain babble going on inside my head.

In hindsight, I wished I had taken notes but the best I can do is recount from memory, the gist of ideas to ponder and what I took away from the meeting in no particular order.

The emphasis of medicine today is on the early diagnosis of disease and not on the prevention of disease.  For example, a colonoscopy does not prevent colon cancer, and a mammogram does not prevent breast cancer.

Is health only the absence of disease or is it something more?

Can we imagine a world where wellness is discussed and sought after?

How would our current healthcare debates be different if wellness was at the heart of the discussions?

There are many more things floating in that brain of mine but the above three questions are hopefully enough of a catalyst to get the conversation started in the hopes of a deeper discussion when it comes to our health and the health of our fellow humans.

The reason Joy’s post inspired me is that it carried an incredibly powerful underlying message.  The body, with proper nutrition and support has the ability to heal itself.  What I would like to add is that a well cared for body, is a lot less susceptible to disease.  The choice when it comes to our health is completely in our control.  We can be reactive or we can be proactive.