Social Media and the connections to Self, Self Confidence and Courage

This morning, on facebook, I followed a link from Kristi Hines to a blog by Jonathan entitled Confidence and the Courage to Take Action.  A blog worth reading entitled Advanced Life Skills – wisdom from outside the box.

There are some good questions that Jonathan brings up including “where did the wall of self confidence come from?”  He encourages “Don’t be afraid of your own greatness”.

At the end of the blog, Jonathan asks some questions including “What has helped you climb the wall of self-doubt?”  He invites a response and I found myself compelled to comment with the following that I want to also share here:

Great questions.  For me there came a moment when I realized that “who I am” is not “what I do”.  That is my “Soul” and my “Role” were two different things.  When I began bringing my Soul to the table (say, at the office, with my co-workers), my interactions became more authentic.  When I made a mistake, it didn’t devastate me or reduce my self-confidence, It was an opportunity to learn.  So the shift went from trying to be “perfect” and “doing” – to just “being” the best I can be in any given moment/situation…  I cannot remember the “aha” moment that brought me here but I remember an interview with Alberto Giacometti one day on NPR where he was asked why he sculpts… and he said “I do it because I’m inept at it”… I’m paraphrasing a bit because the interview was a long time ago but that is the sentiment that stuck with me.  I admired his sculptures and if HE felt inept!  Wow.  So feeling inpet and greatness could be found in the same person I thought to myself. The rest is just putting one foot in front of the other.

Blogging now about this, I remember a scene from the movie Akeelah and the Bee where we see that we are here to manifest our own greatness and that the fear we face is not fear of failure but the fear of success… great movie.

Today’s experience struck me with how connected we are… I follow a link from facebook, to a blog, and comment on it, linking it back to my own twitter account and now i’m blogging about my experience here.

Forgive me, this technology and connectedness excites me.  I would love to hear your reaction.