Sacred Economics

I had a chance to experience this first hand.  I happened to take a photograph that someone loved and when she asked to use it, I gave her the rights to it.  She asked what I wanted in return, I said to send me a gift.

You see I love taking photographs and I loved that she loved the photo I took.  She valued what I had done and she sent me a check.  It felt great to receive that money.  It felt great to know that she gave to me from her heart and not because she had to.

I am grateful that I find myself in a position to easily be able to participate in this; sacred economics and gift exchange.

I still hold a job.  I don’t believe that I need to quit being in the world to transcend being part of the system.  That is always the challenge.  To find the harmony where you find yourself standing.

I believe that it is in our nature not to choose competition over co-operation.