Thich Nhat Hanh

Are you afraid to die?

This video was at the end of a blog post 7 Lessons Thich Nhat Hahn Taught Us.

For me, he has been a living example of a way of being that serves as a guiding light on my path.  When I’m walking through the airport, I’m mindful and I observe my steps.   I have yet to manage to allow enough time as he recommends.  I will continue to practice.

In difficult situations I breathe.

I found myself contracting this morning against the news of his brain hemorrhage and I had to remind myself to breathe.  But despite the breathing, I still felt that I had to do something even when there is nothing to do.

I continue to breathe as I write this.  I know that there is nothing to contract against.  I know that the light on my path is still there regardless of form.  I know these things and yet I find that my breathing is not enough.  I am restless.

So I’m going to walk.   And I’m going to continue to breathe.

Breathing in I feel gratitude, breathing out I know that all is exactly as it should be.

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