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Welcome to the conversation

I’m fortunate in that sometimes, the books that are piled so high on my desk avalanche and I find myself staring at the exact words I need to keep me going in that moment.  Some people call it grace.  I guess I’m grateful for grace.

I knew the moment I stumbled on Rumi’s quote about that place beyond right and wrong that my life would be different.  I got goosebumps.

This quote touched my soul in such a way that I no longer needed to be “right” about anything.  I have always craved harmony but attracted conflict.  I needed to find a place – a sacred space – where interaction with others was based on this idea of non-judgment.  Once I found that field described by Rumi, inside my own heart, all conversations became possible.  Especially deep conversations.  Deep conversations about motherhood, religion, life-death-rebirth … and I felt connected.

What should we talk about?  I welcome the conversation.