At lunch today, it struck me how we only seem to get together around a problem or an issue. 

As a community, lately, we are all concerned about having our particular point of view heard… That is a direct mirror to the fact that my friend and I had not gotten together for lunch until we had some issue that we wanted to fight for.  We both smiled at the realization. 

I want to live in a community that is connected by something bigger.  Maybe a love for our town, maybe a love for our children, our horses, our desert… whatever it is, it has to be something that inspires us to rally together.  For me I’m inspired by the idea that I belong to a community.  So if for me community is at the heart of what I work for, then it will not matter that some members of my community and I disagree.  The gatherings will have a celebratory nature in the getting together.  Whether we agree to disagree in the end becomes less the focus and we concentrate on the fact that we are talking and getting to know each other.  Finding out what is at the heart of the person across from you. 

When two connect, spirit is present.

I wonder how many others are craving the same thing I’m craving.

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