Embracing Life by Embracing Death

Every day people die yet, unless it is someone close to us, we try not to think about it. If it is someone close, we tend to be very sad and often, we find ourselves in a state of turmoil and unable to cope with daily life. We act this way, for the most part, because we are afraid of death. We fear dying and leaving this world without knowing what lies beyond.

Yet, it is only by facing our fears that we can truly live a fulfilled life. Some cultures, past and present, have understood this well. While some people may think that the Ancient Egyptians were obsessed with death by preparing for the afterlife with all their rituals, mummification process and tombs, nothing could be further from the truth. It is because of their firm belief in the afterlife and understanding what they needed to do to get there that they were able to embrace death and, by doing so, not fear  it and live mostly happy and fulfilled lives. They celebrated the rising of the sun daily, they had many holiday festivals celebrating life. They worked and lived with purpose and accepted death as part of life.

If we accept this life as a journey to the next life then death becomes merely a transition to the next part of that journey. By embracing this transition we can overcome our fear and truly embrace this life.

One thought on “Embracing Life by Embracing Death”

  1. I like the direction and principle of this sharing, and I believe we can only truly embrace life through embracing death.
    Celebrating life, through appreciation for every new experience, every new sunrise we can be present for-is key.
    Spend enough time staring at the dark shadowy face of death, and surrender to the knowing, that living is a choice.
    You choose living instead of existing, and knowing that wasted years living is worse than an early departure.
    I know that death is also a choice, but a healthy mind would need be in a lot of pain and suffering to take that path.
    Everything, every day with that knowledge- is embracing countless possibilities, in a life free of fear.

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