It’s been a while

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged here… it’s not because I have nothing to say – quite the opposite, it’s because I’ve been having more conversations in person… I wonder if I should document those in hindsight here.  When I blog, I wonder if anyone ever will read what I’m writing.  When I talk, I just talk, without an inner critic.  Perhaps that’s why some people are offended with how “direct” I can be.

Sometimes I wish this website was a forum instead of a blog.

2 thoughts on “It’s been a while”

  1. “When I blog, I wonder if anyone ever will read what I’m writing.” – you

    “I like it though – not this particular rambling itself based on its content, but doing the writing. It feels like I’m having a conversation with a stranger or lots of strangers. Though technically not a conversation, it feels as though you’re here and listening to me. That I’m speaking more than typing and you’re hearing more than reading. I’m not sure who you are. You could be a supportive friend that is humoring me, a complete stranger from the internet, my child or grandchild…or even great great grandchild.

    That’s powerful stuff – it feels like I’m creating something permanent-ish. I fully accept the reality that it’s likely that less than 10 people read this, but there’s also the possibility that thousands of people could – and that’s very exciting.” – me

    FWIW, found you trying to google-down the Rumi quote to make sure I didn’t misquote it.

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