Mom, why do we need another store?

When my son heard that our town council has approved a rezoning request to allow Walmart to open one of their stores on an already busy and overtaxed intersection, he asked: “Mom, why do we need another store?”

The short answer is “we don’t”… but that is not enough to change the minds of the folks in town hall who have been sold on the idea when they gave into their fears.  The council voted to change the zoning from desert rural (i.e. residential with one house per acre approx) to commercial ignoring the pleas of residents who find themselves adjacent to the proposed loading bays, of a 24 hour retail giant.

I drive my children to school daily through an already overtaxed intersection and narrow streets where gridlock is a common occurrence.  School has only been in session less than three weeks and already I have seen two car accidents.   I can’t imagine what the addition of large semi-transport trucks will bring to our already chaotic set of junctions.

I love my town and I am saddened to see people divided, acting out of fear, and losing sight of what’s important in life.  I hope people care enough to educate themselves on what is at stake here.

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