NVC – The first couple of days

It’s always happened to me when I put my intention on doing something that the Universe provides…


The last few days have been a constant test, and it feels at times that I’m failing miserably.  The upside is that I’m learning a lot.  I’m doing the course with a friend/colleague and it’s been great having someone to discuss the exercises with.  It has also been a comfort to see that we are both being tested in similar ways.  The best moment today came when Marshall tells an anecdote of a time when he was triggered to react… and how he used it as an opportunity for learning. 


My son after his KunFu lesson asked me tonight: “mom, do you know the difference between a reaction and a response?” 


“I think I know but I’m interested in hearing what you think it is.” I replied.


“The difference is that one involves thinking and the other doesn’t”.


Interesting that I can manage to apply NVC successfully when I take the time to respond rather than react.


There is so much information on NVC that is already available online that instead of typing a synopsis here, I’m going to provide a few links.  Enjoy.

For information on Marshall Rosenberg, visit The Center for Nonviolent Communication website at www.cnvc.org

I bought the training course from Sounds True, one of my favorite sources for quality publications.  Here’s a link to the actual page for the NVC home training course from Sounds True.  If you sign up for their newsletter, they have specials for discounts and free shipping.

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