‘Special Needs’

Yesterday, in the spirit of passing the word about Special Education Week, I posted the following on facebook:  “People need to understand that children with ‘special needs’ don’t have an illness, so there is no cure and it’s not contagious. They only want what we all want, to be accepted. It’s special education week.”  I did it after reading the post on my friend Christa’s status and took her challenge.  Her post added that “93% OF YOU PROBABLY WON’T COPY AND PASTE THIS. WILL YOU BE IN THE 7 % THAT WILL?”

A friend of Christa’s posted a comment saying: ” This is very true I work in special education, specifically with those children who fall within the Autism Spectrum Disorder (mild to severe). It’s an ongoing learning process for all; from those with PHD’s to the general public….”

Adam – Fox Searchlight

A few days ago, while watching a movie my daughter and me checked-out from the public library, I saw a preview for a movie entitled “Adam“.  I loved the preview.  I really want to get it and watch it but have not done so yet.  The movie claims to be “the story of two strangers. One a little stranger than the other…”  A Sundance 2009 Winner of the Alfred P. Sloane award.  I will let you watch the trailer and let the trailer speak for itself.

I personally don’t like labels of any kind but sometimes, in order to communicate, we use them for convenience and so it is with the spirit of communication that we may discuss.  So let’s start the conversation.  Thank Rachel for encouraging this post.  What would you like to say?

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