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Peace starts at home

A member of the audience asked: “please tell me there is hope. I mean I watch the news and I can only do that for short periods of time.”
The speaker had shared story after story of forgiveness. The kind of forgiveness that is difficult for most to imagine. And I suppose after having herself witnessed what is possible when people just have a small desire to forgive it’s no surprise that the answer was “Yes. There’s hope.”
After the talk I thanked her. I was so happy to have met someone who’s life work is centered around raising the consciousness of humanity to a level where we get to re-write our story and find our way back to peace. I realized that although I’m not travelling the world doing this work, that the internal work I do and the lives I touch in my immediate surroundings is good enough for now.
So I left the lecture with Eileen R. Borris-Dunchunstang, Ed.D.’s book finding forgiveness and feeling hopeful.