To Be Devine

As I said goodnight to my daughter tonight, her last words to me were “Dad, remember to err is human but to forgive is divine “. I know I have heard that many times before but I still seem to struggle to meet that lofty goal and be devine. On the other hand, I have no problem on the erring side. Making mistakes, especially the same mistakes, is something I unfortunately do all the time. So that makes me very human. Now I like to think that I am also very good at forgiving but I feel I often come up short in that department. I rarely bare grudges for a long time but , at the same time, I do not very often instantly forgive. I seem to go through this process of feeling hurt and taking on a victim syndrome which usually has the affect of making the other person feel bad. I suppose it’s like a passive retaliation. Instant forgiveness is a challenge but then who would expect being divine would be easy?

One thought on “To Be Devine”

  1. A friend once emailed me after we had had a fight to appologize for hurting my feelings. In her email she quoted the following saying which has stuck with me. “Carve your blessings in stone, and write your sorrows in sand.”

    Perhaps it’s not a matter of striving to be devine – perhaps it’s a matter of just accepting our humanity.

    I say, to be human, truly human is devine.

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